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This sweet photo of health care workers flying to New York is what we need right now – CNN

Almost 30 health care professionals boarded a Southwest Airlines flight to LaGuardia Airport on Friday, a spokesman for the airline confirmed. Other customers were also on the flight traveling to New York. The flight crew, health workers and others held up their hands in the shape of a heart for a photo that’s getting all… Read More »

Sleep aid when flying

WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. For frequent fliers and international travelers, the symptoms of jet lag are all too familiar. What Are the Benefits of OTC Sleep Aids for Long Flights? If you can’t give them sleep aid when flying antihistamine, giving them ibuprofen or acetaminophen before the flight can help… Read More »

How to get valium for flying

An anxious flier, can’t remember the dose I was on but it was 2 tablets and just didn’t do anything. For his first flight after that, there is increased arousal physiologically. The doctor that prescribed the medicine for the person had it knows the person’s medical history. Is likely to take more and, and my… Read More »