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RTÉ 2FM initiative 'You Ok?' is putting special focus on physical and mental health

RTÉ 2FM launched an initiative, ‘You Ok?’,  to put a special focus on young people’s physical and mental health in Ireland, and the importance of staying connected throughout this pandemic. RTÉ 2FM Launches the initiative ‘You Ok?’ Promoting Physical and Mental Health Over the week, 2FM programmes will feature special guests Niall Horan, Roz Purcell… Read More »

Consumers Focus on Basic Needs in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Is Self-Care a New Normal?

Personal health, food and medicine, safety and financial security are consumers’ top priorities as of April 2020, learned in consumer research analyzed in How COVID-19 will permanently change consumer behavior from Accenture. Both health and economic concerns plague consumers around the world as people “strive to adapt to a new normal,” Accenture reports. “Fear is… Read More »

Oncology groups focus patient-reported outcomes to optimize care

The Michigan Oncology Quality Consortium plans to use a mobile-based application to help with quality reporting initiatives in the state. MOQC, a group of medical and gynecologic oncology practices collaborating to improve cancer care quality, has selected a vendor to help develop quality measures, manage patient symptoms and capture patient reported outcomes from 19 cancer… Read More »

How happy couples argue: Focus on solvable issues first

In marriage, conflict is inevitable. Even the happiest couples argue. And research shows they tend to argue about the same topics as unhappy couples: children, money, in-laws, intimacy. So, what distinguishes happy couples? According to “What are the Marital Problems of Happy Couples? A Multimethod, Two-Sample Investigation,” a study published this August in Family Process,… Read More »

CMS renews focus on catching fraudsters before they re-offend

Dive Brief: CMS has announced a new rule focused on catching providers before they engage in fraudulent activity. The rule, called Program Integrity Enhancements to the Provider Enrollment Process, will focus on untoward “affiliations” involving key employees of companies that bill the Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP programs. Of particular interest will be firms that try to “reinvent” themselves… Read More »