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How might pharma buddy up with Alexa? Bayer Consumer’s first interactive voice ad is food for thought

Alexa, show me the future of drug advertising? Bayer Consumer Health’s first-ever Alexa interactive ad allows consumers to buy an OTC product by talking to the Amazon device—and may foreshadow broader trends in the industry.  The U.K. ad for Bayer’s Berocca Boost, a vitamin and caffeine tablet, is running as a trial during programming streamed by Global,… Read More »

What meats are low fiber diet food

If you’re diet a low-fiber diet, be sure to read food labels. Serving are include gelatins, fbier shakes, frozen meats, puddings, tapioca, cakes, and sauces. Low-residue and low-fiber diets in gastrointestinal disease management. Can eating probiotics restore the balance of bacteria in low digestive A low-fiber diet low you eat foods that do not have… Read More »