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When can you start getting migraines

If you notice you start getting migraines after going on a new pill, which then necessitates further medication use. But somewhere in here, or so it seems. It’s best to get checked, but it does mean a very significant impact on your life. Hi know 46 and suffer a migraine at least once a week,… Read More »

Medical News Today: Heart health: Are women getting incorrect treatment?

Recent research suggests that ignoring sex-specific risk factors of heart disease has resulted in women having a higher risk of dying from heart failure than men. Share on PinterestDifferences between men and women may mean that the latter do not receive the right treatment for heart conditions. A review published in Nature Medicine reveals an… Read More »

CDC: Two percent fewer women getting abortions

Abortions dropped 2%, to 623,471, in 2016 in most of the United States, according to a government report released as activists and politicians are moving to opposite edges of the abortion debate. The data released Wednesday, which comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is incomplete. It excludes California, Maryland, New Hampshire, and… Read More »

Three Tips for Getting Your Zzzzzz’s

SATURDAY, Nov. 23, 2019 — Many Americans aren’t getting a solid seven hours of sleep a night, putting them at risk for diabetes, heart disease and obesity. But it’s the brain that needs a good night’s sleep the most, according to Dr. Randall Wright, a neurologist at Houston Methodist Hospital. “When you are asleep, your… Read More »