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Almost half of HIV diagnoses in Europe are late, with serious impact on health outcomes

Almost half of HIV diagnoses in Europe are among people whose immune systems have already been seriously weakened by HIV, an international team of investigators report in BMC Infectious Diseases. Just under half a million people, half of them in Russia, are estimated to have received a late HIV diagnosis between 2010 and 2016. Late… Read More »

How a 6-year-old had half his brain removed and recovered in 3 months

David Eagleman’s book Livewired explores neuroplasticity, the brain’s superpower, which lets it reshape after extreme surgery and adapt to losing a sense Health 23 September 2020 By Clare Wilson Our brains can remake themselves to adapt to changing circumstancesAndriy Onufriyenko/Getty Images Book Livewired: The inside story of the ever-changing brain David Eagleman Canongate Books IMAGINE… Read More »

Can you cut cholesterol pills in half

Was feeling you tired – wash your hands before handling your medication. Like the antidepressant Celexa — and some can lose their effectiveness, you’ll also lose some of the nutrients as part of the tablet gets pulverized during cutting. A pills report in the Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association on splitting nearly a dozen… Read More »

A woman with half a brain offers more proof of the organ’s superpowers

From a teenager excelling with half a brain to the organ’s visual areas being co-opted in people who are blind, our brain’s ability to adapt continues to amaze Health | Leader 12 February 2020 Zephyr/Science Photo Library THERE is something special about the human brain. Yes, it contains 86 billion neurons and billions of other… Read More »