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Headache on Top of Head – the Complete Guide

According to recent estimates, around 5% of adults globally suffer from chronic headaches or headache disorders. What causes a headache on top of head? A headache on the top of your head usually indicates that you have a tension headache or a migraine though there could be other conditions that cause this type of headache.… Read More »

The two early COVID symptoms that may be ‘dark horses’ – headache and fatigue warning

Headaches and fatigue are both very common, and don’t necessarily mean that you have coronavirus. Persistent tiredness could be caused by simply not getting enough sleep, or doing too much – or too little – exercise. Headaches, meanwhile, may be linked to the common cold, stress, bad posture, and even taking too many painkillers. Either… Read More »

Coronavirus: Headache, loss of taste among list of 6 new possible COVID-19 symptoms, according to CDC – KGO-TV

When the coronavirus outbreak began, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed cough, shortness of breath and fever as possible symptoms for the newly-discovered virus. Now, the organization is adding six new possible symptoms to its list, including headache, chills and loss of taste or smell. These possible symptoms, added Sunday, are: Repeated shaking… Read More »

What to use for migraine headache

The Aftermath The duration of a migraine can be excruciating, but even once the worst of the attack has passed, there’s often after-effects to deal with for up to 24 hours later. Still, many people prefer to try a more natural method, and many have found success when using CBD regularly. What Will the ER… Read More »

What can cause an afternoon headache?

An afternoon headache is no different than other types of headache. Any headache can hit in the afternoon. However, people who regularly experience headaches in the afternoon may be doing something earlier in the day that triggers headaches a few hours later. In this article, we examine the most common causes of an afternoon headache,… Read More »