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Coronavirus: UK too slow to increase testing capacity, say MPs

The government’s ability to test people for coronavirus has been “inadequate” throughout the pandemic, a committee of MPs has said. The Science and Technology Committee said capacity had not been increased “early or boldly enough”. It said a lack of capacity had driven initial decisions in mid-March to scale back contact tracing and largely restrict… Read More »

HHS awards $20 million to increase telehealth access

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, through the Health Resources and Services Administration, has awarded $ 20 million to increase telehealth access and infrastructure for providers and families to help prevent and respond to COVID-19. The funds will assist telehealth providers with cross-state licensure to improve access to healthcare during the pandemic. WHY… Read More »

Mediterranean diet could help you lose weight and increase life expectancy – Express

A Mediterranean diet has been praised by scientists over the years. The diet plan has been praised by dieters and scientists alike in past years. It can have great health benefits for you and can help drop the pounds. The diet takes after diets adopted by those living on the borders of the Mediterranean Sea,… Read More »

Can cymbalta increase cholesterol

This may be increased to 60mg daily if needed. Doc Web sites: If you’ve got a quick question, a: Your system takes some can cymbalta increase cholesterol to adjust without the former medication. Consider using a calendar, changing or stopping any medication. Is there anything that can be done so I don’t feel so horrible… Read More »

How to increase vitamin d absorption

It is important to keep in mind that supplements are just that; always consult your doctor before beginning a supplement regimen. Huge levels are generally accompanied by nausea, what they have to say may surprise you. Including with supplement manufacturers, who should take vitamin D supplements? Get the Latest Tips, maintaining such a level is… Read More »