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How to Turn Challenge Into Opportunity

Let me start with a short poem. Here it is: The purpose of flowers Is NOT to be stomped And proven worthless. Even the little ant Can walks this Earth with dignity. Don’t despair. This story is about standing tall and walking in dignity while living in “interesting times.” I grew up as a super-freedom-loving… Read More »

Directly into the brain: A 3D multifunctional and flexible neural interface

Being able to measure the electrical activity of the brain has helped us gain a much better understanding of the brain’s processes, functions, and diseases over the past decades. So far, much of this activity has been measured via electrodes placed on the scalp (through electroencephalography (EEG)); however, being able to acquire signals directly from… Read More »

Nomad Health’s Next Move: $63M Raise Takes On-Demand Healthcare Staffing into Workforce Management

By JESSICA DaMASSA, WTF HEALTH Not all who wander are lost: Nomad Health lands a $ 63M Series D round after a year of 5X revenue growth for their tech-driven healthcare staffing marketplace that helps hospitals hire nurses on-demand. This round, led by Adams Street Partners with participation from all existing investors, brings the company’s… Read More »

Killmonger’s What If…? Episode Made Him Into Something He Never Was

The following story contains spoilers for Episode 6 of Marvel’s What If…, titled “What If…Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark” Episode 6 of Marvel’s animated series What If…? brings Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) back into the fold of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The episode, titled “What If…Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark” imagines a world where the Black Panther… Read More »

Incorporate turmeric into your diet with these 3 healthy recipes

Professional footballer Thomas Hal Robson Kanu reveals 3 healthy recipes that will help you to incorporate turmeric into your diet  Turmeric is one of the most beneficial and powerful nutritional supplements that you can find – this is largely thanks to curcumin, which is the main active ingredient found in turmeric. Curcumin provides your body… Read More »