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Florida now has more coronavirus cases than New York and California leads the nation

A health-care worker collects samples using a nasal swab at a mobile Covid-19 testing facility, in Miami Beach, Florida, United States on July 24, 2020. Anadolu Agency | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images Florida has reported more confirmed coronavirus cases than New York state, as the epicenter of the pandemic has shifted from the Northeast… Read More »

New York Leads Race to Expand Coronavirus Testing

Andrew M. Cuomo, governor of New York. Aaron Glatt, MD, chief of infectious diseases and hospital epidemiologist, Mount Sinai South Nassau, New York City. Eric Blank, chief program officer, Association of Public Health Laboratories. Sarah Eiler, parent, Atlanta. News Briefing, Glen Island Park, March 13, 2020. White House, Memorandum on Expanding State Approved Diagnostic Tests,… Read More »

Science Says Scrolling Your Smartphone 5 Hours A Day Leads To Weight Gain

Sneaking a scroll of your Insta-feed simultaneously throughout the day in between alternating between your emails and apps? Between checking our social stats, sussing out the weather, stalking an ex, reading up on Mercury retrograde and scouring the internet for a dinner recipe, it seems near impossible to not somehow revert to our smartphone every… Read More »