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Can controlling blood pressure later in life reduce risk of dementia?

Everyone talks about the importance of treating high blood pressure, the “silent killer.” And everybody knows that untreated high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks and strokes. But can treating high blood pressure reduce your risk of cognitive impairment and dementia? High blood pressure is a risk factor for cognitive impairment and dementia Cognition… Read More »

Travel Blogger Jess Wandering Talks About Living Her Dream Life

From wanting to be a doctor, an entomologist, photographer, journalist, veterinarian, conservation biologist and a lawyer, to finally realizing her dream of becoming a traveler, a wanderer, here’s how Jess Wandering journey. Women Fitness President joins the Travel blogger Jess on her travelling journey and lots more! Namita Nayyar: A healthy morning ritual that you follow?… Read More »

Mediterranean diet could help you lose weight and increase life expectancy – Express

A Mediterranean diet has been praised by scientists over the years. The diet plan has been praised by dieters and scientists alike in past years. It can have great health benefits for you and can help drop the pounds. The diet takes after diets adopted by those living on the borders of the Mediterranean Sea,… Read More »