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Messenger RNA Vaccines in Meat Animals

Messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines became a household term during the COVID-19 pandemic. But many are unaware that these experimental shots may be used in livestock intended for food. Concerns that mRNA injections could end up “in the global protein supply chain” prompted warnings from cattle producers and calls for mandatory country of origin labeling… Read More »

Meat free diet for lower body fat

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. See which probiotics work best for enhancing cognitive function. Think of almonds as a natural weight-loss pill. Did I gain tons of energy, develop laser-like focus, or levitate during meditation? A mere half-cup of the stuff packs in 21 grams of protein. Patients following a vegetarian diet had lower blood phosphorus… Read More »

Keto diet deli meat

Salads are a great way to obtain nutrients and fiber while on the ketogenic diet. I especially love the salad ideas as I need to stock up more on greens too. Spinach is very high in protein and fiber while also being relatively low in carbohydrates. Although, I did purchase many brands and ate them… Read More »