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Is COVID-19 transmitted through breast milk? Study suggests not likely

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread around the world, so do the concerns of breastfeeding mothers. Although there have been no documented cases to date of an infant contracting COVID-19 as a result of consuming infected breast milk, the critical question of whether there is potential for this form of transmission remains. In a… Read More »

Why is vitamin d in milk

We know that calcium is important for bone health. 600 mg plant-based calcium would fulfill these same recommendations. Christine Why is vitamin d in milk, a board-certified functional medicine physician and mother of three. Rickets causes soft bones that can break, bow legs, and other bone problems. Ask your doctor how much vitamin D is best… Read More »

Chinese almond cookies recalled over undeclared milk

A Chicago company has issued a recall for a line of almond cookies that may contain undeclared milk. Golden Dragon Fortune Cookies Inc. said the recall affects its Chinese Almond Cookies, which were distributed in Chicago through retailers and wholesalers. WISCONSIN COMPANY RECALLS 4,000 POUNDS OF BEEF PATTIES OVER METAL CONTAMINATION CONCERNS According to the recall notice posted… Read More »