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Stop resisting the imposter [PODCAST]

“The problem with feeling like an imposter is thinking there’s something wrong with it. I know this is different from any way you have thought about it, but humor me. What happens when we are offered an opportunity but we feel like an imposter? We hide. We overwork to compensate. We look around at our… Read More »

Real Health podcast: The Menstrual Cycle with Dr Caoimhe Hartley, GP & Menopause Specialist

On this week’s show, I’ll be talking about the menstrual cycle. or far too long periods have been a taboo subject. Each month many women are faced with bleeding, severe pain and a litany of menstrual problems. However, with new attitudes, treatments and technological developments things are changing. Joining me to talk about periods, pain… Read More »

All physicians are leaders [PODCAST]

“In times of uncertainty, human behavior often makes people resort to less-than-stellar behaviors; unhealthy personal environments can become manifest as well. Often, these coincide with health care being used more frequently and the safe haven of health care delivery being sought. With all physicians being leaders, it is incumbent upon us to demonstrate a variety… Read More »

Hypertension is killing pregnant mothers. Blood pressure monitoring can help. [PODCAST]

“Hypertensive disorders with onset during pregnancies are among the leading causes of maternal and infant mortality and morbidity in the U.S. and can have far-reaching consequences for the long-term health of the mother and child. In Dr. Jerome Adams’ recent Call to Action to recognize and address hypertension control as a public health priority, the… Read More »