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High-tech problem for Joe Biden’s COVID vaccine patent waiver

The difficulty of learning the technology behind mRNA vaccines poses a major obstacle to President Joe Biden’s proposal aiding poor countries by defying the pharmaceutical industry and waiving patent protections for COVID-19 vaccines. The rationale for the patent waiver would be to allow developing countries to reproduce currently existing COVID-19 vaccines without having to worry… Read More »

Wellness guru’s $13 fix for painful problem

A mum-of-two who developed an embarrassing facial rash after going through a stressful divorce has discovered an over-the-counter remedy costing just $ 13. Angela Simson told news.com.au the “horrific” rash surrounding her lips and covering her chin severely affected her confidence. The Gold Coast mum and wellness coach, now 33, said she’d suffered from perioral… Read More »

Telehealth’s awkward waiting room problem, and how one company aims to solve it

Even as telehealth has made many aspects of care more seamless, a few elements have routinely emerged as points of difficulty.    Among them is the waiting room. A new survey from LifeLink Systems out this week found that the vast majority of patients said they’d prefer a virtual waiting room that allowed them to… Read More »

Brisbane lockdown ‘won’t solve problem’

A leading Australian infectious disease expert has criticised Greater Brisbane’s snap three-day-lockdown, saying it was an “unreasonable” over-reaction that “won’t solve the problem”. The city’s 2.2 million residents have been under strict stay-at-home orders since 6pm on Friday, with an announcement to be made on Monday morning as to whether the restrictions will ease later… Read More »