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These Are 2020’s Best Meditation Apps, From Beginners to Advanced Pros

With the stressors of the world growing exponentially by the minute, it seems as if there’s nothing in the universe that can help calm our minds. From the economy to the never-ending coronavirus pandemic, there’s (at least for us) unrelenting anxiety that floods our brains constantly, and we cannot catch a break. That is, until… Read More »

Pros and Cons of Laser Treatments

Pros and Cons of Laser Treatments Pros and Cons of Laser Treatments : To be honest, not every single treatment is faulty and vice versa. When it comes to hair removal issues, people tend to look into many ways to sort out their hair-related issues. Well, there’s nothing wrong in doing your homework before testing out… Read More »

10 important roles for today’s health info management pros

Health information management professionals have seen their job roles evolve in recent years. They’re no longer just mere number-crunchers, keepers of the records and claims coding gurus. Now, they’re taking on expanded responsibility to ensure the quality and security of data, while ensuring that it gets to those who need it. With the widespread use… Read More »

The pros and cons of cloud-based vs. on-premises email

It’s no secret that cloud-based email is becoming attractive to many organizations for a variety of reasons. It comes with significantly lower costs than on-premises email, and end-users tend to love it. But, protecting cloud-based email from cybercriminals has its own unique set of challenges. While the style of cyberattack is largely the same—primarily phishing… Read More »