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Meta-analysis finds no real difference in safety and effectiveness between tenofovir formulations

There are no real differences between tenofovir formulations – tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) and tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) – in terms of viral suppression and bone and renal safety, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis published in AIDS. The newer formulation of the drug (TAF) only showed superiority in terms of efficacy, and then to a modest… Read More »

Diet fads are real?

Low-fat diets like Ornish and many diet or vegetarian variations the most dangerous fad diet pills, with the fads of are pills for weight loss, which not only did not consumed more quantity than the. Diet success in weight loss eating is diet up of physician, as medical advice will. For issues of an individual… Read More »

Are anti-inflammatory diets real

Nutr J. The findings suggested that eating animal products could increase the risk of systemic inflammation and insulin resistance. Instead of commercial snacks, enjoy fresh fruit, nuts, and organic cheeses or plain yogurt in moderation. This represents the classical biomarker gap: many candidate biomarkers are identified based on preclinical and clinical studies; however, due to… Read More »

This Personalized Nutrition System Calculates Your Body’s Real Biological Age

Sponsored You’ve heard the saying, “age is nothing but a number”. Sometimes it refers to a person’s youthful exuberance. Other times it can justify how, when, or if someone can partake in an activity, accomplish a goal, or do something they’ve always dreamed of. The truth is that the number of birthdays you have celebrated… Read More »

The TikTok FOMO Is Real

As a teen, TikTok creates stress in my life. When I hang out with friends, they often ask if I want to make a TikTok with them. I never suggest it, but it nearly always comes up. I want to be nice and say yes, but then I worry that other friends will see the… Read More »

OCEANOLOGY INTERNATIONAL 2020 – Machine learning improves underwater visibility in real time

Fraunhofer IGD is developing special image processing methods based on artificial intelligence to instantly improve visibility under water. (Rostock/London) New AI-supported image enhancement by Fraunhofer IGD processes underwater video in real time, making underwater activities faster and more effective. Underwater technology providers can license the solution for embedded systems in smart cameras or on underwater… Read More »