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Does a Woman Really Become Infertile After 35? Ten Biggest Health Myths Fed to Indian Women Debunked!

You have been getting health advises from your mum and grandmum, ever since you were a little kid. While some of them might be true, other advice like you will catch a cold if you go out with wet hair or you will contaminate food during periods falls firmly into the B.S. category. But given… Read More »

Can You Really Stay Younger Longer?

We have stated in our books that a person has two ages. The first is that persons chronological  age. The other is the physiological age. If you follow a good program of exercise, nutrition and stress management it is possible look and feel better than your calendar age. This is one of the reasons that… Read More »

Coronavirus response coordinator says ‘none of us really understood’ how long it can linger on surfaces

Coronavirus response teams were unaware of how long the virus can survive on surfaces, said White House Coronavirus Task Force coordinator Deborah Birx. “None of us really understood the level of surface [contamination],” Birx said in Wednesday’s press briefing. A study released last week found that the virus can stay on plastic or steel surfaces… Read More »