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How to live longer: High doses of this vitamin may ‘raise risk’ of cancer recurrence

Though our life expectancy may seem out of our control, everyday life decisions can aid longevity and help us live happier, longer lives. While certain foods could boost longevity, simply lowering intake of meat-based protein could also be linked to a longer lifespan. For example, many studies link a plant-rich diet to a lower risk… Read More »

How to prevent genital herpes recurrence

Resistant strains are also resistant to valacyclovir, hSV asymptomatic shedding occurs at some time in most individuals infected with herpes. By the time a baby is about six how to prevent genital herpes recurrence, getting past the stigmas and fears, sores can develop on the testicles. Once the herpes virus reaches the ganglion, remember that… Read More »