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Response to Covid-19 shows striking similarities with pandemics past

Be it quarantine or social distancing, responses to the current Covid-19 pandemic have not changed much since the pandemics of the past, speakers noted in the Behind the Headlines discussion Plagues and Pandemics which was livestreamed to over 7000 viewers on Thursday evening, March 26th 2020. The Trinity Long Room Hub is Trinity’s research institute for the… Read More »

Coronavirus response coordinator says ‘none of us really understood’ how long it can linger on surfaces

Coronavirus response teams were unaware of how long the virus can survive on surfaces, said White House Coronavirus Task Force coordinator Deborah Birx. “None of us really understood the level of surface [contamination],” Birx said in Wednesday’s press briefing. A study released last week found that the virus can stay on plastic or steel surfaces… Read More »