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America, please don’t kick out the foreign scientists you’re training

Foreign-born scientists such as myself have long been a key component of the U.S. research workforce. The work that scientists do greatly benefits the United States and the world. A significant share of the biomedical science talent in the pipeline at most American research universities are foreign-born. The ability of U.S. institutions to attract top… Read More »

Scientists Take Aim at Another Coronavirus Study in a Major Journal

A group of leading scientists is calling on a journal to retract a paper on the effectiveness of masks, saying the study has “egregious errors” and contains numerous “verifiably false” statements. The scientists wrote a letter to the journal editors on Thursday, asking them to retract the study immediately “given the scope and severity of… Read More »

Scientists reveal brain tumors impact normally helpful cells

When the brain gets injured, star-shaped brain cells called astrocytes come to the rescue. In the case of glioma — the most common type of primary brain tumor — this protective action comes at a price. A new study published in Neurochemistry International reveals that gliomas alter astrocyte function, which normally prevents the brain from… Read More »

Trump talks with Xi about coronavirus as Chinese scientists track possible outbreak origin to pangolins

President Trump spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the deadly coronavirus as officials look to determine its source and how to contain it. “Just had a long and very good conversation by phone with President Xi of China. He is strong, sharp and powerfully focused on leading the counterattack on the Coronavirus,” Trump said… Read More »

New DNA-editing method could fix 89% of genetic diseases, scientists claim

New DNA-editing method could fix 89% of genetic diseases including sickle cell anemia, scientists claim CRISPR gene-editing was hailed as a revelation with the potential to correct DNA mutations that cause thousands of diseases  But the necessary ‘cuts’ the tool makes to strands of DNA can disrupt the surrounding genetic code  Some 10,000 disease are… Read More »