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COVID-19 Developer Impact Survey by Perforce Finds 19% Reporting 6+ Hour Increase Per Work Week

91% Report Working Remotely During COVID-19 Pandemic MINNEAPOLIS, October 8, 2020 – Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility, and scale along the development lifecycle, today announced the findings of their COVID-19 Developer Impact Survey. The survey, conducted by JRebel by Perforce, measured the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on… Read More »

Survey says majority of Americans won’t use COVID-19 contact-tracing apps

According to a study commissioned by the security software vendor Avira, 71% of Americans say they won’t use COVID-19 contact-tracing apps, with many citing potential privacy and security issues. Government and healthcare professionals were the least likely to say they’d download the apps, and about three-quarters of people surveyed believed their digital privacy would be… Read More »

Survey confirms physicians lack tests and equipment to fight COVID-19

The majority of doctors said they are short on medical supplies and COVID-19 tests, according to a new survey. Seventy-three percent of U.S. physicians reported not being able to test patients quickly and easily for coronavirus, while at least half say they have treated at least one patient with possible COVID-19 symptoms. Seventy-seven percent did… Read More »

Handwashing Survey: Are You Doing It Right?

Do you know the correct answers to our handwashing survey? ‘Tis the season not only for festive music and decorations but for seasonal germs that can quickly ruin your holiday season. You may not be aware, but the month of December includes National Handwashing Awareness week. This is a time to review the essential habit… Read More »

Luxury hotel guests keep stealing mattresses, survey reveals

Stealing towels from a hotel is one thing, but taking the mattress is going way too far. A new survey reveals that luxury hotels have to deal with guests stealing mattresses more often than anyone would’ve guessed. According to the survey, conducted by Wellness Heaven, a hotel and spa reviewer, five-star hotels are actually more likely… Read More »

Parents are too busy to potty train their children early enough – survey

Photo: Thinkstock Parents are too busy to potty train their children early enough – survey Independent.ie Parents are too busy to potty train their children early enough – not recognising the strain the delay puts on their bladders and bowels, a survey suggests. https://www.independent.ie/life/family/parenting/parents-are-too-busy-to-potty-train-their-children-early-enough-survey-37787743.html https://www.independent.ie/migration_catalog/article36250951.ece/da516/AUTOCROP/h342/Toilet-training-ts Email Parents are too busy to potty train their children… Read More »