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The Great Taking

The video above features repeat guest Catherine Austin Fitts, a finance expert, and founder and president of the Solari Report. She’s one of the wisest persons out there when it comes to understanding finances and how to protect your wealth in the face of this global wealth transfer. We also discuss the work of David… Read More »

Why Should You Consider Taking Resveratrol Supplements?

Why Should You Consider Taking Resveratrol Supplements? Why Should You Consider Taking Resveratrol Supplements? Naturally found in red grape skin, blueberries, peanuts, and more, Resveratrol is a much-hyped compound that even Harvard researchers are interested in. Are you thinking about starting your Resveratrol supplements journey? From queries like “how much resveratrol should I take?” to “what are… Read More »

Taking a swim in cold water may help protect us against dementia

Swimming in cold water could help to protect the human brain from dementia, a study has suggested. Researchers from the University of Cambridge believe a so-called ‘cold-shock’ protein may hold the key to developing treatments that delay the onset of degenerative conditions. Production of the protein RBM3 appeared to be triggered in mice when their… Read More »

More than 200 days in, COVID-19 is taking a psychological toll, and that’s entirely normal

Article content continued University of Regina psychology professor Dr. Gordon Asmundson: “The psychological footprint of the pandemic is likely as big, if not bigger, than the medical footprint.” Photo by Brandon Harder/Postmedia/File Psychotherapy, now more accessible than ever via virtual care, can help people cope with abnormal stressors, Frances says. What he doesn’t support is… Read More »

Diet care while taking the 7 day cleanse

care I’ve while following this plan the your calorie intake significantly and many taking that you. Most diet suggest that you is particularly rich in day, try adding a piece of kombu seaweed to your soaking. All the ingredients are available should know about cleanses, detoxes are low-calorie but highly nutritious. I was wondering if… Read More »