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Thanks to red tape, nurses are about to spend more time on paperwork and less on patients

It will take 1,500 nurses working full-time to do the paperwork as healthcare costs just went up $ 173 million each day, all thanks to new federal red tape. And that’s just for starters; those costs will grow. Why? Because an “emergency” federal rule requires thousands of hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, and nursing homes each… Read More »

Tati Westbrook’s Net Worth Is Giant Thanks to Last Year’s Beauty Vlogger Drama

Things you could do tonight: watch Netflix and wander around your living room pants-less. Check Twitter and ruin your entire evening (don’t! do! it!). Or, special option number three, start a YouTube channel so you can quit your job and become a full-time influencer. Your inspiration in this exciting venture? That’d be beauty vlogger Tati… Read More »

Woman who would eat cakes everyday loses 182lbs in 18 months thanks to self discipline and exercise 

Obese nurse who weighed 390lbs sheds HALF her body weight by overcoming her cake ‘addiction’ and hitting the gym – and now works out six times a week Vanessa Brennan, 36, from Las Vegas, went from 389lbs to 195lbs in 18 months Lost 194lbs in total, thanks going to the gym six times a week and a… Read More »

Urgent care centers grow in number, reach, thanks to comprehensive capabilities, convenience, millennial demand

The urgent care industry continues to grow and watch its population of users expand across patient demographics thanks to the demand for convenient access to specialized and immediate medical care as well as a consumer-friendly model that isn’t just attractive to millennials. That’s the word from the annual Benchmarking Report from the Urgent Care Association.… Read More »

Black Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer Live Longer Thanks to New Hormone Therapies

Prostate cancer has historically been more common, more aggressive and more lethal in African-American men compared with other racial groups. But new findings presented at the 2019 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium reveal that Black men with advanced prostate cancer treated with newer hormone therapies lived 20 percent longer than their white counterparts, reports the American Society… Read More »