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‘I Can’t Turn My Brain Off’: PTSD and Burnout Threaten Medical Workers

The coronavirus patient, a 75-year-old man, was dying. No family member was allowed in the room with him, only a young nurse. In full protective gear, she dimmed the lights and put on quiet music. She freshened his pillows, dabbed his lips with moistened swabs, held his hand, spoke softly to him. He wasn’t even… Read More »

Seeking Comfort and Safety for Being Well: Consumers Turn to Virtual Health Modes

“We’re not getting back to business as usual any time soon,” Sage Growth Partners and Blackbook Research introduce their latest report on the COVID-19 pandemic, As the Country Reopens Safety Concerns Rise. One of the areas that won’t be getting “back to business” soon will be patients’ visits to doctors’ offices, hospitals, and urgent care… Read More »

Want to turn your healthy passion into profit?

[unable to retrieve full-text content] If you’ve always wanted to make money from your healthy passion, Healthista and Pullman Hotels are giving you the chance with our upcoming Health To Wealth event – do not miss it The post Want to turn your healthy passion into profit? appeared first on Healthista. Healthista

My Turn: Don’t let ideology determine your health care – Concord Monitor

For the Monitor Published: 4/29/2019 12:10:09 AM Health care in America has always been in the crossroads (and crosshairs) of a variety of conflicting interests. Lately, the economics of health care has clashed with the ethics of coverage. “Should a health care system cover everyone?” vs. “Who will pay for it?” vs. “What services should… Read More »