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Endometriosis: Eight warning signs of an inflamed womb and what to do about it

Painful sex “Pain during sex can certainly be a sign of endometriosis”, reported Syrona Health, especially if it’s more painful in certain positions. “The pain is caused by inflammation and fibrosis fusing the front wall of the rectum to the back wall of the vagina.” Nausea Nausea accompanied by headaches, migraines and vomiting can be… Read More »

New blood clot warning as TGA investigates Victorian case

The Therapeutic Goods Administration is investigating whether a Victorian man developed blood clots because of the AstraZeneca vaccine, as authorities warn healthcare providers to keep an eye out for symptoms. Australia’s acting chief medical officer Professor Michael Kidd on Friday said the coronavirus vaccine had not been linked to thrombosis, but authorities were investigating reports… Read More »

Vitamin B12 deficiency: Dr warns of ‘irreversible’ damage if warning signs are ignored

When a person has pernicious anaemia, this simply does not happen; instead, intrinsic factor isn’t produced and vitamin B12 is lost through excrement. The exact cause of pernicious anaemia is still unknown, but it’s more often diagnosed in women around 60 years of age. It’s also more prevalent in those with other autoimmune conditions, such… Read More »

The two early COVID symptoms that may be ‘dark horses’ – headache and fatigue warning

Headaches and fatigue are both very common, and don’t necessarily mean that you have coronavirus. Persistent tiredness could be caused by simply not getting enough sleep, or doing too much – or too little – exercise. Headaches, meanwhile, may be linked to the common cold, stress, bad posture, and even taking too many painkillers. Either… Read More »

UK flu jab rates prompt complacency warning

Complacency over the flu jab risks overwhelming the NHS, experts warn, as data reveals the scale of the challenge in expanding the vaccination programme. Last month, the government announced plans to double the amount of people who receive the influenza jab. But BBC analysis has found the take-up rate among people in vulnerable groups eligible… Read More »