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Does a Woman Really Become Infertile After 35? Ten Biggest Health Myths Fed to Indian Women Debunked!

You have been getting health advises from your mum and grandmum, ever since you were a little kid. While some of them might be true, other advice like you will catch a cold if you go out with wet hair or you will contaminate food during periods falls firmly into the B.S. category. But given… Read More »

Best weight loss: Woman shed 3st 7lb by making simple change to her diet plan – Express

The website states: “Pick from our range of delicious, nutritionally balanced meal replacement food. Tuck into hearty porridge, mouth-watering spag bol or Thai noodles, shakes, smoothies, bites, and so much more. “All calorie-controlled, all crammed with the nutrients you need and all full of flavour.” Katy noticed the weight fall off and before long she… Read More »

Canadian woman tests positive for COVID-19 eight times in 50 days

Tracy Schofield (Credit: Tracy Schofield) A Canadian woman has raised brows and concerns after testing positive for COVID-19 eight times in 7 weeks. According to Newsweek, on March 30, Tracy Schofield from Cambridge, Ontario, developed a fever, chills, and difficulty breathing. The next day she tested positive for COVID-19 and over the next two weeks… Read More »

Woman with coronavirus symptoms shares two activities that help her feel better

Katie Bryant thought she was doing everything right during lockdown. The writer from North Carolina had been staying home, social distancing, only going out to buy essential food and wearing a mask and gloves when she did so. However last week, she started to feel unwell and soon realised she was experiencing the major coronavirus… Read More »

Australian woman kicked out of China for jogging during quarantine

An Australian woman temporarily living in Beijing was ordered to leave China — because she went jogging in violation of the country’s strict quarantine laws, according to new reports. The 47-year-old woman, only identified as Ms. Liang, entered the country through Beijing Capital International Airport on March 14 — and spent only a day there… Read More »

A woman with half a brain offers more proof of the organ’s superpowers

From a teenager excelling with half a brain to the organ’s visual areas being co-opted in people who are blind, our brain’s ability to adapt continues to amaze Health | Leader 12 February 2020 Zephyr/Science Photo Library THERE is something special about the human brain. Yes, it contains 86 billion neurons and billions of other… Read More »