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What does antibiotics work for

Before the 20th century, there were no effective treatments for infections caused by bacteria, including pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, rheumatic fever and urinary tract infections. But in , bacteriologist Alexander Fleming discovered the first true antibiotic, penicillin, ushering in a new age of medicine. Since then, scientists have found dozens of antibiotics, which fight bacteria in… Read More »

Why did multivitamin work

Did body did excess amounts of why vitamins. But niacin and antioxidants were linked to a very small risk of work mortality: the term used to describe all of the deaths that occur in a group of people, regardless of the cause. In fact, why evidence that they improve health for most people is weak… Read More »

China’s Sinovac amps up COVID-19 vaccine work with new facility backed by Chinese government

Chinese biotech Sinovac, one of many drugmakers seeking a COVID-19 vaccine, is leveraging aid from the People’s Republic of China to help it cross the finish line. But first, Sinovac will have to build out a massive new facility on the government’s dime. With financial backing from the Chinese government, Sinovac will erect a new vaccine production facility… Read More »

As the pandemic drags on, when can we get back to work?

Along with widespread illness and death, the COVID-19 pandemic is also causing massive economic disruption. Stay-at-home measures and business shutdowns have prevented millions of people from working. In just four weeks, between mid-March and mid-April, 22 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits. These numbers are bound to spiral higher. Given all the hardships — and… Read More »

Linxdatacenter introduces IT tools for remote work during pandemic and beyond

Global health crisis accelerates need, company responds. Moscow, Russia: Linxdatacenter, an international provider of data storage, cloud and telecom solutions, has created an IT toolkit that enables businesses to continue effective operations under quarantine – and afterward. Earlier, Linxdatacenter announced free-of-charge access to cloud services for companies whose business was suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic.… Read More »

Wait — Robots Work But I Get Paid

By KIM BELLARD We’re not through the COVID-19 pandemic.  We’re probably not even near the end of the beginning yet.  That hasn’t stopped many pundits to start speculating about how our society (and our healthcare system) are likely to be permanently changed as a result, such as continued reliance on telecommuting and telemedicine.   OK, I’ll… Read More »