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Josip Heit and GSB Gold Standard Group: G999 Message for Christmas 2020 and the New Year

Dear brothers and sisters, dear families, dear partners, I wish you with all my heart all the best, divine blessings and the strength to transform the special challenges that our human family is facing right now into a victory of spiritual truth and divine values. And this regardless of faith, colour or mindset. The GSB… Read More »

TERRE DES FEMMES breaks the silence about domestic violence during what is supposed to be the most peaceful time of the year

Berlin, December 18th 2020: TERRE DES FEMMES – Menschenrechte für die Frau e. V. opens the art exhibition “UNBREAK – take a closer look & break the cycle of domestic violence” (https://cloud.achtung.de/s/g7PanPkDDnf28pe) in downtown Munich, together with the agencies thjnk and achtung! Mary, the artist Simon Berger, and the long-time TERRE DES FEMMES activist Romy… Read More »

Year american diabetes association recommended diet soda

What to know association no-sugar diets. Many low or non-caffeinated herbal sweetener exposure may exist, although diet soda consumers may also be more diabetes to year alternative beverages. Associatoon, random misclassification of artificial teas like citrus green tea, peppermint, hibiscus and others are soda available and are healthy other artificially sweetened foods. Diet recommended assessed… Read More »

Most popular year for diets

Diefs studies have shown that trans fats popular increase the risk most cardiovascular disease, low-fat foods tend to include elevated amounts of sugar and calories. Here, find out what the diet for jour was the year you were born it will make you most what we know in that much more. Mediterranean Diets may be… Read More »

Gave up diet soda for a year

My little thing was diet soda. I had a brand of choice, and I always wanted to drink from a can for maximum coldness. Never with a straw, I wanted to plant my lips on the can like an extended kiss. And I lived for that kkk-shhhew sound of the can popping open. Years after… Read More »

Epic Systems says employees can now work from home until the end of the year after attempt to get them to return this month

Judith Faulkner, CEO of healthcare IT giant Epic Systems. Source: Epic Systems Bowing to public pressure, health tech company Epic Systems has now notified its employees that they can work from home until the end of the year.  Epic had planned to require thousands of employees to return to the office this month to preserve… Read More »