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Super Cute Amazon Workout Clothes You’ll Find Yourself Wearing All the Time

Hard fact: No one likes fussing with a rolled-up waistband that won’t stay put, fixing annoying straps, or adjusting uncomfortable sneakers while at the gym. If you’re like me and you look for any excuse to leave a workout early, the right kind of clothes and shoes is absolutely essential for having a good workout.… Read More »

The Unexpected Muscles You’ll Strengthen Whilst Paddleboarding

The greatest benefit by far of paddleboarding is the positive impact it has on one’s mental health, the brain. SUP is a form of ecotherapy. Connecting with nature in this way has both mental and physical health benefits particularly useful in managing and reducing stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that simply being near bodies… Read More »

The 7 Guys You’ll Meet Doing CrossFit

Since my first WOD three years ago, I’ve been head over heels for CrossFit—or, more appropriately, toes over bar. During my time coaching, competing, writing about, and (lol, hate me) dating within the sport, I’ve come to identify the seven main types of CrossFit guys. With varying degrees of muscle mass, likability, intellect, spacial awareness,… Read More »

What You’ll Find In The Kitchen Of Australian Model & Activewear Designer, Rachael Finch

Welcome back to Dishing With Sporteluxe, our exclusive segment where your favorite wellness experts and influencers join us to dish out the real scoop on what goes on in their kitchen and pantry, IRL. Call us nosy curious, but we have a feeling you want to see what’s hiding in those fridge doors, too. This… Read More »