The Secret For Losing Weight

By | December 14, 2019

Have you gone on a diet to lose weight and gained it back? Have you wondered why you can not keep the weight off? Have you wondered if there is a secret to weight toss that  you have not been able to find? Why can  you not lose the weight? 


We have news for you. There is no secret to weight loss and don’t believe anyone who says that they have the special diet that will work for you. There just is not a simple answer to this complicated problem.


Losing weight should not be complicated. In theory It is very simple to lose weight. You need to burn more calories than you consume. If you do this your body will burn fat for fuel and you will lose weight. The problem is that we are not simple creatures. We are complicated and weight loss is influenced by many things including your genetics, your birth weight, your brain chemistry, how you handle the stress in your life and your physical activity. Also don’t minimize the importance of the sugar monster. We have written about him in other blogs.


We have done extensive research on this subject. We have expanded the research to not only deal with the problem of obesity but also to look into the relationship of obesity with health and longevity. This is very exciting stuff and we can help you. 


We have developed an easy to follow program that integrates stress management, exercise and nutritional guidance. The program is in our book Live Longer Live Healthier. Look for it on amazon.

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