Travis Barker Was Caught Liking the Most !!! Comment About an “Awkward” Alleged Dinner with Kourtney and Scott

By | May 30, 2021

Kay, so as literally everyone’s ~sources~ have reported, the vibe appears to be somewhat tense between Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian right now due to Scott being “hurt” by her relationship with Travis Barker, while she is “unbothered” by his relationship with Amelia Hamlin. And in today’s slightly lol update, fans—including beloved celeb podcast host @notskinnybutnotfat—noticed that Travis liked an Instagram comment about an awkward rumored dinner with him, Kourtney, Scott, and Amelia.

TLDR: @deuxmoi posted a tip from someone claiming they saw Kourtney, Travis, Scott, and Amelia having dinner at Nobu in Malibu. This tip was then reposted by Kardashian fan account @kardashianvideo.

The comments on this post were pretty flooded with thoughts and feels, including from a follower who wrote “it’s so odd to me like what does a 2001 baby have to do w these grown ass people i know that dinner was awkward as hell.”

travis barker likes insta comment


And, as @notskinnybutnotfat first noticed, if you hit the likes on that comment, you’ll see Travis’ name RIGHT TF THERE:

travis barker's like


To put it in the words of a commenter: “TRAVIS LIKED JDJDKSJBSJS” (though, psst, a like doesn’t mean the dinner actually took place).

FYI, a source tells Entertainment Tonight that Travis and Kourtney are fully head over heels, which, yep, is very apparent due to their unparalleled levels of PDA and cuteness. To quote ET’s source, they are “so beyond obsessed with each other.”


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