Woman with fibromyalgia blasts people who judge her for parking in disabled spot

By | July 8, 2021

A young woman, with fibromyalgia, has hit out at people who judge her for parking in disabled spaces because she “doesn’t look disabled.”

Rhiannon, from Melbourne Australia, took to TikTok following an altercation with an old man, who questioned whether she should have the right to a disabled badge, purely based on the way she looks.

“I am legally disabled and as much as old people would love to square up with me about it, I am legally disabled,” Rhiannon vented in one clip.

“See this [permit], this is really hard to get. Basically it entitles me to park in a disabled parking, which, erm, I will do.”

She went on to explain that after parking in a disabled spot and putting her permit on full display, the man came up to her and started asking questions.

“Tell me why this old f***er comes up to me and thinks that it is their business to go ‘you don’t look disabled,'” she said.

“Do you want me to cut off my f****ing legs so that I look disabled enough for you? What the f****. Like, oh let me get out of the car and be bent over and limping, just so I fit your idea of disabled.”

The old man told her, 'you don't look disabled'

The old man told her, ‘you don’t look disabled’

She has blasted people who make assumptions

She has blasted people who make assumptions

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In a follow up video, Rhiannon explained that she has fibromyalgia, a condition which can cause extreme pain and fatigue, as well as problems with memory and concentration, and problems with sleep.

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Although she doesn’t suffer with all symptoms at all times, the badge is a necessity for Rhiannon on days where her condition flares up and she can’t walk very far.

One TikTok user commented: “It shocks me how many people get discriminated against because they don’t fit the stereotype!”

“I have a sticker on the back of my car that says ‘invisible disabilities are still disabilities’. It happens constantly,” another added.

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