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New Research from the CWMH: No Increase in Major Malformations in Children Prenatally Exposed to Aripiprazole

Despite the increasing use of the newer atypical or second-generation antipsychotic agents to treat a spectrum of psychiatric disorders, including psychotic disorders, bipolar disorder, major depression, PTSD and other anxiety disorders, we have relatively little data on the reproductive safety of these newer atypical agents. In response to this deficit, the National Pregnancy Registry for… Read More »

Crowded parties and coronavirus concerns keep high schoolers from returning to the classroom

Their study, published last Thursday in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, found a statistically significant increase in clinic and hospital visits by patients who reported respiratory illnesses as early as the week of December 22. The first known case of Covid-19 in the US was thought to be a patient in Washington who had… Read More »

Quan’ta Evans’ Transformation From A Street Skater To An Entrepreneur

Quan’ta Evans is the Owner of iSk8ent, LLC, a media marketing and management company. His inspiration to pursue and create his dreams was born when he, his brother Jodi, and a few other friends started street skating and making videos. When their hobby began to impact the community, they expanded into sports, art and music media, and… Read More »

World Water Day 2021: From Regulating Body Temperature to Smooth Digestion, Here Are 11 Benefits of Staying Hydrated

World Water is celebrated annually on March 22 to highlight the importance of freshwater. The main intention for observation of this event is to make people realize the importance of saving water and how essential it is in our day-to-day life. This day was first formally proposed in Agenda 21 of the 1992 United Nations Conference… Read More »

Calories Burned From Skiing Calculator

How many calories does skiing burn? How many calories burned skiing depends on the level of effort you’re exerting, your body weight and the terrain you’re skiing on. Downhill skiing will burn approximately 300 to 600 calories per hour, although it depends on your body weight. A downhill skier weighing 155 pounds can burn 446… Read More »