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What Parents Need To Know About Eating Disorders In The Time Of Covid-19

Teenage eating disorder getty In July of 2020, a new study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) confirmed what many already knew: Covid-19 has contributed to a mental and behavioral health crisis. With one in four parents reporting worsening mental health, and one in seven reporting an increase in behavioral challenges for their… Read More »

Thanks to red tape, nurses are about to spend more time on paperwork and less on patients

It will take 1,500 nurses working full-time to do the paperwork as healthcare costs just went up $ 173 million each day, all thanks to new federal red tape. And that’s just for starters; those costs will grow. Why? Because an “emergency” federal rule requires thousands of hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, and nursing homes each… Read More »

Drugmakers seek to reassure public on coronavirus vaccine as concerns grow about political pressure

Lisa Taylor receives a COVID-19 vaccination from RN Jose Muniz as she takes part in a vaccine study at Research Centers of America on August 07, 2020 in Hollywood, Florida. Joe Raedle | Getty Images A group of drugmakers competing to bring a coronavirus vaccine to market plan to issue a public statement as soon… Read More »