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The best exercise for menopause

For Menopause Awareness Month, Chiara Becuti, Head of Pilates at FLY LDN reveals what exercise you should be doing during menopause It is well known that menopause can be a shock to the system for women and have a huge impact on daily life. However, there are various ways we can alleviate the symptoms of… Read More »

12 best fitness classes 2021

Finish 2021 with a bang and try out these cool and trendy fitness classes – perfect to boost immunity, let off some steam, practice your zen and uplift your mood With gyms back in action, there’s no better time than now to kick up a sweat and lose those lockdown pounds…just in time for the… Read More »

Best supplement for menopause: Medical experts agree on their favourite go-to treatment

“Dehydration can exacerbate menopausal symptoms including joint pain and a build-up of uric acid which can contribute to inflammation,” said Dr Hughes. “Drinking plenty of water also helps to retain joint flexibility,” added Dr Henderson. As for exercise, Dr Henderson highlighted how staying active strengthens the muscles and helps a person to get into shape,… Read More »