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Many Alzheimer’s Experts Say Use of Aduhelm Should Be Sharply Limited

Alzheimer’s Disease New Drug Approved Does New Drug Work? Understand Alzheimer’s Disease One Face of Alzheimer’s Advertisement Continue reading the main story Supported by Continue reading the main story Many Alzheimer’s Experts Say Use of Aduhelm Should Be Sharply Limited Even those who supported the F.D.A.’s approval of the controversial new drug said authorizing it… Read More »

What Should We Even Expect from the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Fight?

If you haven’t heard, the influencer boxing movement—which has been propelled by bazillion-dollar-making fights featuring YouTubers such as KSI, Logan Paul, and Jake Paul over the past few years—is just boxing now. As of this Sunday, if we haven’t called it already, the movement will crash into mainstream boxing. And like it or not, it… Read More »

Healthcare, Heal Thyself! How the Industry Can and Should Play the Trust Card

The emergence of the COVID-19 vaccine “infodemic” has slowed the ability for nations around the world to emerge out of the public health crisis. Growing cynicism among some health citizens facing the politicization of public health tactics like vaccines and facial masks is what we’re talking about. At the root is peoples’ lack of trust… Read More »

Why is a cold shower good for you? Dr Mosley reveals why you should have one daily

“You will start hyperventilating, your heart rate will shoot up and your body will be flooded with adrenaline,” warned Dr Mosely. As he pointed out, being exposed to lots of stress is not generally a good thing but when introduced gradually, having a cold shower can confer health benefits. “Gradually, over time, you will adapt… Read More »

Celebrity trainer Sarah Lindsay reveals the fitness lockdown goals we should be aiming for – ps: they aren’t what you think

With lockdown 3.0 pressuring people to do something epic with their time, celebrity trainer Sarah Lindsay shares her advice on realistic lockdown goal setting Learn a new language, lose the lockdown belly, start a business are just some of the ‘goals’ I have seen floating around at the moment encouraging people to make the most… Read More »