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Supermodel Rachel Hunter’s Home Meditation Tips and a DAHlicious, Probiotic Rich Yogurt we are Loving!

DAHlicious Organic, the India-style USDA organic yogurt brand officially announces supermodel, yogi, and meditation enthusiast Rachel Hunter as an official brand partner. DAHlicious is a leader in the probiotic food market, supporting gut health, with 15 billion live probiotics per serving, and encourages daily meditation and yoga, complimenting the brand’s values of harmony and balance.… Read More »

Olympian David Gillick’s Isolation Motivation tips

The Olympics may be postponed until next year, but David Gillick’s back garden is playing host to a multi-sport extravaganza during the coronavirus shutdown. The 2008 Olympian has turned to sport to help keep his two children entertained and active. With schools and creches closed for the foreseeable future, as government and healthcare workers battle… Read More »

Isolation Motivation: Padraig Harrington’s top tips for staying ‘golf fit’ at home

So your favourite golf course has been padlocked, the driving range is a no-go zone and no amount of rolling will turn your back garden into a putting green. Don’t worry, the very best of help is at hand. Three-time major winner Pádraig Harrington has given Fitter Happier an exclusive insight into his very own… Read More »

Top 10 Best Weight Loss Tips for Women

For a proper and proportionate weight loss, there are two primary components involved, i.e. a good and a balanced diet and regular exercise. However, in addition to these, there are other factors too that are equally important. Studies prove that everything from your stress level to your sleep quality can have a major impact on… Read More »