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What You Need to Know About Melatonin

In this interview, Russel Reiter, Ph.D. — a world-class expert on melatonin — discusses some of the biological activities and health benefits of this important molecule. With some 1,600 papers to his credit, as well as three honorary doctor of medicine1 degrees, he’s published more studies on melatonin than anyone else alive. Melatonin 101 Melatonin… Read More »

Behavioral Modification: What You Need to Know

This story is about behavioral modification, both as a philosophical ambition and as a military application. This topic is vast — so I’ll focus on a few relatively recent developments, especially in the area of magnetogenetics. But first, morality pills! Morality Pills In August 2020, Forbes published an article titled, “Could A ‘Morality Pill’ Help… Read More »

Everything to Know About the Monster/Angel From Netflix’s Midnight Mass

In Midnight Mass, a horror master and kid who definitely didn’t want to be at Sunday School—writer/director Mike Flanagan—delivers a twisted vampiric take on Catholic scripture, replete with guilt, judgement, and creatures literally devouring the body and blood of the Holy. For those of us forcefully versed in Catholic teachings, the scripture’s metaphoric (?) cannibalism… Read More »

Overcoming addiction: ‘I didn’t know how to be in the world. I was always full of fear’

‘I started experimenting with drugs and alcohol when I was around 11. I wouldn’t have become addicted from that very moment, but there would’ve been a lot of experimentation,” Anthony Deegan explains. omeone said to him, “here try this”, he recalls, adding that the first substances he used would have been solvents and aerosol cans.… Read More »

What we know about Ivermectin

Unlike the huge amount of high-quality data we have gathered on vaccines (5.6 billion doses and counting), the available data on Ivermectin is a dog’s breakfast – despite the fact that millions of people around the world have used it to treat COVID, especially in poor countries. The hope that Ivermectin could vanquish COVID was… Read More »