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Essential Reads: How to Screen for Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms in Postpartum Women?

When obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) occurs during the postpartum period, women may experience typical OCD symptoms related to contamination and cleaning, catastrophic thoughts and checking, or symmetry and ordering.  However, many women with postpartum OCD, as well as those with other postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, have intrusive, ego-dystonic thoughts of harming the infant.  These intrusive… Read More »

Women with HIV have six-fold increase in risk of cervical cancer

Vaccination, screening and treatment could achieve elimination with a decade, say World Health Organization Women with HIV have a six-fold increase in the risk of cervical cancer compared to their HIV-negative peers, investigators report in The Lancet Global Health. They also found that globally 6% of all cases of cervical cancer are in women with… Read More »

Women living with HIV in wealthy countries need to be given more information around bottle feeding

A Canadian study aimed at researching the attitudes of mothers living with HIV has found that more support and education is needed around the recommendation to bottle feed their infants. This is particularly true for women who have moved to wealthy countries from low-income countries, where infant care is completely different and women are told… Read More »

Six women hospitalised by weed cookies

Six young women were hospitalised over the weekend after eating cannabis cookies then passing out at a home in South Australia’s southeast. One member of the group, who had fallen ill, called for help at about 9.30pm on Saturday. As police and SAAS crews arrived, they found the remaining five young women — all aged… Read More »

Reverse dieting plan for women

Reverse dieting is the opposite of a diet. I cannot stress this enough! It makes sense, right? I went through a divorce, started dating, traveling, entertaining, and things were everything BUT routine. Watch the video below to get access to an exclusive functional hypertrophy training program [for Repeat this process for you fat… But wait… Read More »