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The Digital Physical Therapy Startup for Knee, Neck, & Back Pain | Dan Rubenstein, Physera

Health Tech Jan 20, 2020• BY JESSICA DAMASSA Bum knees, aching backs, and neck pain are literally a pain-in-the-neck for millions of people – making chronic pain one of the largest areas of healthcare spending. Is it time to disrupt the traditional delivery of physical therapy? Physera CEO, Dan Rubenstein, thinks so, and talks to… Read More »

Digital health start-up once worth $1.5 billion is racing to keep lights on as investors flee

Proteus Digital Health CEO Andrew Thompson Qin Chen | CNBC Proteus Digital Health has spent two decades trying to develop “smart pills” that can be used to tell a smartphone app whether patients have taken their medications. The technology was so promising that, three years ago, investors valued the company at $ 1.5 billion. But… Read More »

Medical billing is a nightmare, but start-up Ooda is working with insurers to make it way easier

Ooda Health Most of us have a nightmare scenario when it comes to our medical bills. Weeks after a procedure, a notice arrives from our health plan with a complicated explanation of what is and what isn’t covered. Then the hospital follows up with a charge that often seems both nonsensical and inconceivably high. In… Read More »