This influencer mom has 11 kids — and she’s not done yet

By | August 17, 2020

She’s a veritable infant factory.

A Kansas mother of 11 desperately wants to have more children despite being pregnant for more than 10 years.

“I love having a big family — there’s always someone to talk to,” Britni Church, 31, tells Mercury News. She and her husband Chris Church, 28, regularly share updates on their immense entourage to their 11,000 Instagram followers.

Britni’s baby-making escapades began in 2004 when she was 16 and gave birth to her first child, Crizman, now 15, with her ex-husband. The young couple had been married just five days when Crizman was born. Despite thinking that she’d have four kids maximum, Britni and her former partner brought several more kiddos into the world — Jordan, 14; Caleb, 13; Jace, 12 and Cadence, 10 — before breaking it off in 2010.

After that, the Arkansas City, Kan., mom adopted a hard-partying lifestyle that resulted in her unexpectedly becoming pregnant with sixth kid, Jesalyn, now 8, in 2012.

The super mom says she initially “felt lots of shame about getting pregnant the sixth time” having always wanted her children to have the same dad. However, the shame faded when Jesalyn was born because she was “so innocent, precious and beautiful,” says Britni, who was subsequently a single mom for three years.

Then, she met her current husband Chris in 2014, and continued her breeding spree with a vengeance. Over the next half-decade, the prolific mother gave birth to Silas, now 5, in 2015, Christopher, 3, in 2016, and finally surprise triplets Oliver, Asher and Abel, 1, in June 2019.

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Despite the abundance of offspring, “it does not feel like I have lots of kids — it feels normal,” says Britni, who’s grown to love the company they provide.

Unfortunately, raising her humongous herd of children isn’t without obstacles. The couple reportedly spends $ 300 per week on groceries, which includes five boxes of cereal, 66 cartons of milk and 600 diapers. If that wasn’t back breaking enough, Britni is forced to do 12 loads of laundry a week while Chris makes two morning school runs in their 15-seater Ford Transit. He was forced to upgrade when their previous 12-seater no longer sufficed after the triplets were born.

“We get lots of stares when we go out as a family,” Britni says.

Nonetheless, Britni plans to bring four more tots into the world. Speaking about whether she has a cutoff, the mother responds, “I don’t think I would ever have more than 15 kids but, then again, I never thought I’d have 11 kids.” However, Britni claims that she would stop if her children objected.

“We’d love to get some animals too,” says Britni. “Maybe two dogs and a cat would be a good start.”

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