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prpl Foundation and CableLabs join forces to improve the Wi-Fi experience for users

The collaboration will accelerate the adoption of innovative Mobile Wi-Fi technology FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Nov 21, 2022 — The prpl Foundation, an open-source community dedicated to carrier-grade software for broadband consumer premise equipment has announced that CableLabs has joined the foundation to collaborate on the implementation of Mobile Wi-Fi technology to provide seamless Wi-Fi connectivity for… Read More »

Chrissy Teigen Goes Private on Twitter After Blocking a Million Users and Deleting 60,000 Tweets

Chrissy Teigen just admitted to deleting 60,000 tweets and blocking a million Twitter users. This comes after accusations she has some kind of connection to Ghislaine Maxwell. Admit it: We’ve all blocked someone from our feeds and/or deleted something from our social media pages that we didn’t want others to see. It’s called ~protecting your… Read More »

Who can ativan users

And physical dependence means that if someone were to stop taking Ativan suddenly, other medications or supplements that may benefit benzodiazepine withdrawal are still in the experimental phases of research. Most evident on standing and walking. It is recommended that patients use the information presented as a part of a broader decision – prolonged abuse… Read More »

People are posting photos of their genitals on Reddit to get STIs diagnosed by other users

‘What is wrong with my penis?’: Thousands of worried adults are posting photos of their genitals on REDDIT to get STIs diagnosed by other users instead of doctors Researchers led by the University of California, San Diego, studied the forum On the r/STD community they found around 17,000 posts from eight years Almost two thirds… Read More »