Entrepreneurship book recommendations from young healthcare leaders – Business Insider

For those pursuing a career in healthcare, leadership skills might be the last thing on their minds. After years of focused training in medicine, law, engineering, or life sciences, it often takes a leadership book or two to help fine-tune their management skills. We asked the honorees on Business Insider’s list of 30 leaders under… Read More »

OMG, Cardi B Had to Teach Constance Wu How to Give a Lap Dance for Their Stripper Movie ‘Hustlers’

Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez just shared some new intel about their movie Hustlers, talking about how difficult it was to learn the dances. Constance shared that costar (and former stripper) Cardi B had to teach her how to give a lap dance! I hope you all have your calendars marked for September 13, cause… Read More »

Everyone Is Having the Wrong Healthcare Debate

By STEVEN MERAHN, MD In 1807, in an effort to spite the British and French for shipping interference (and forced recruitment of American citizens into military service), the United States Congress passed an Embargo Act, effectively shutting down trade with these two countries. Britain and France quickly found other trading partners; the US, then limited… Read More »