Was COVID a Bioweapon That Targets Certain Races?

According to mainstream media, Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently made claims about COVID-19 being an ethnically targeted bioweapon. Yahoo! News,1 for example, reported that “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. baselessly claimed COVID-19 may have been ‘ethnically targeted’ … He said Caucasians and black people were most susceptible, and Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese people were… Read More »

Why Molecular Hydrogen Is a Superior Antioxidant

In this interview, repeat guest Tyler LeBaron, MSc., Ph.D., reviews some of the many benefits of molecular hydrogen (H2). Perhaps most importantly, molecular hydrogen acts as a selective antioxidant, meaning it doesn’t indiscriminately suppress free radicals. It uses your body’s own biological systems and feedback loops to identify where and when you’re under oxidative stress,… Read More »

Messenger RNA Vaccines in Meat Animals

Messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines became a household term during the COVID-19 pandemic. But many are unaware that these experimental shots may be used in livestock intended for food. Concerns that mRNA injections could end up “in the global protein supply chain” prompted warnings from cattle producers and calls for mandatory country of origin labeling… Read More »

Joe Rogan Interview With Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

June 15, 2023, podcast host Joe Rogan interviewed1 Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is currently running as a Democratic presidential candidate. Rogan admits being blown away by Kennedy’s book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” in part because the information in that book was not talked about anywhere else, and radically veered from the official narrative. Still,… Read More »