Why Are Antidepressants so Harmful?

Recently, I discussed the dirty secret of the SSRI antidepressants — they cause psychotic violence which typically results in suicide and sometimes in horrific homicide (e.g., mass shootings). Remarkably, this side effect was discovered in their clinical trials, covered up by the drug companies, and then covered up by the FDA after the agency received… Read More »

Ligamentous Laxity and Vaccine Injuries

In a recent article, I discussed the often neglected concept of constitutional archetypes. Briefly, this concept encapsulates the idea that while everyone is different, there are common patterns in those differences, which if recognized can be used to tailor a treatment to what best serves the archetype that patient belongs to. For example, the elderly… Read More »

Vitamin C, B1 and Hydrocortisone Dramatically Reduce Mortality From Sepsis

Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published April 5, 2017. Sepsis1 is a progressive disease process caused by an aggressive, dysfunctional immune response to an infection in the bloodstream. It starts with symptoms of infection that can progress to septic shock. Unless treated — and the earlier the better — sepsis… Read More »