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Trump’s Bleach Statements Echo Claims by ‘Miracle Cure’ Quacks

President Trump’s public statements about using disinfectants to potentially treat the coronavirus have put him in the company of pseudoscientists and purveyors of phony elixirs who promote and sell industrial bleach as a “miracle cure” for autism, malaria and a long list of medical conditions. The president’s comments, at a White House briefing last week,… Read More »

Can weight loss cure sleep apnea

The men who lost more weight showed a good result of OSA reducing. Jaw muscles can also contribute to sleep apnea, so it is important to strengthen these as well. In addition, there are some risk factors that are modifiable with other changes that do not require surgery. Make sure that you seek medical attention… Read More »

How to cure arthritis fingers

The scientific evidence supporting acupuncture is still limited, but it has been used for centuries and is unlikely to cause any harm. Can Your Diet Help Your RA? Kjeken I, Eide RE, Klokkeide Å, et al. Special instruments are inserted through other small cuts in the skin to remove the damaged tissue. In any case,… Read More »

How to cure anorexia on your own

Upon deciding that I no longer wanted exercise and food to control my thoughts, I recently sought treatment from one of my acupuncture instructors. I’ve gone from 110 lbs to 155 in the last few years, after finally admitting to myself and my therapist that I had an eating disorder. Rather, when I see a… Read More »