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New identification of genetic basis of COVID-19 susceptibility will aid treatment

The clinical presentation of Covid-19 varies from patient to patient and understanding individual genetic susceptibility to the disease is therefore vital to prognosis, prevention, and the development of new treatments. For the first time, Italian scientists have been able to identify the genetic and molecular basis of this susceptibility to infection as well as to… Read More »

What diabetes is genetic

70 became insulin, and they may not know what to test for. Over the next two years, first evidenced in the appearance of islet autoantibodies. In a study of 97 Swedish diabetic patients who were initially thought to have type 2 or unclassifiable diabetes, you can delay or prevent the onset of what diabetes is… Read More »

Genetic basis of male infertility

Starting in the late 20th century, 8 million couples are affected. Every year there are new and exciting developments in assisted human reproduction, this is most commonly due to an underlying sperm production problem. A hormonal imbalance – or nurse practitioner. Smoking and Male Infertility: An Evidence, the patient disrobes completely and puts on a… Read More »

Waiting For The ‘Sign’ that Protections Are Needed For Genetic Data? Here It Is.

I just attended the National Society of Genetic Counselors Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT where I met some of the brightest minds in genetics, heard about mind-bending new technologies, and was reminded of the many ways that genetic counseling and testing is improving health, transforming lives, and driving precision medicine forward. With that bright promise… Read More »

New DNA-editing method could fix 89% of genetic diseases, scientists claim

New DNA-editing method could fix 89% of genetic diseases including sickle cell anemia, scientists claim CRISPR gene-editing was hailed as a revelation with the potential to correct DNA mutations that cause thousands of diseases  But the necessary ‘cuts’ the tool makes to strands of DNA can disrupt the surrounding genetic code  Some 10,000 disease are… Read More »

Creating a Detailed Genetic Map of Multiple Sclerosis

Researchers at the John P. Hussman Institute for Human Genomics, led by Jacob L. McCauley, Ph.D., and Margaret A. Pericak-Vance, Ph.D., have completed a study creating a detailed genetic map of multiple sclerosis. Their study, “Multiple sclerosis genomic map implicates peripheral immune cells and microglia in susceptibility,” was recently published in the journal Science. MS is… Read More »