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COVID-19’s impact on NSW: the numbers

THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK IN NSW: * New locally acquired cases: 1405 (down 75 on the previous 24-hour period) * In hotel quarantine: Two * Total cases in this outbreak (since June 16): 33,296 * Total in NSW for entire COVID-19 pandemic: 38,919 * In hospital: 1175 (+39) * In intensive care: 202 (+8) * Ventilated:… Read More »

The Coronavirus, by the Numbers

Adam Kucharski studies how diseases spread, but he’s not handling viruses in the lab or treating sick people in the hospital. He’s a mathematician at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and he uses math to understand outbreaks of diseases like Ebola, SARS, influenza and now Covid-19. His goal is to design better… Read More »

It’s likely there are more coronavirus cases in the United States than the numbers show

“We don’t care if you’ve traveled to us from China or from Queens, we’re going to put a mask on you,” said Dr. Michael Phillips, an infectious disease specialist at NYU. The New York University doctors and other experts are convinced there could be more novel coronavirus cases in the United States than have been… Read More »