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New DNA-editing method could fix 89% of genetic diseases, scientists claim

New DNA-editing method could fix 89% of genetic diseases including sickle cell anemia, scientists claim CRISPR gene-editing was hailed as a revelation with the potential to correct DNA mutations that cause thousands of diseases  But the necessary ‘cuts’ the tool makes to strands of DNA can disrupt the surrounding genetic code  Some 10,000 disease are… Read More »

Climate scientists for civil disobedience

More than 300 scientists have endorsed a civil disobedience campaign aimed at forcing governments to take rapid action to tackle climate change, warning that failure could inflict “incalculable human suffering”. In a joint declaration made in London, climate scientists, physicists, biologists, engineers and others from at least 20 countries, including Australia, broke with the caution… Read More »

Scientists Uncover More Autism Genes

TUESDAY, Aug. 13, 2019 — In a finding that underscores the major role genetics plays in autism risk, researchers report they have identified 16 new genes linked to the developmental disorder. The investigators conducted genetic analyses of 2,300 people from nearly 500 families with at least two children with autism. Of the children in the… Read More »