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Nevada porch pirate steals 14-year-old boy's chemotherapy medicine – WKRC TV Cincinnati

LAS VEGAS, NV (WKRC) – A 14-year-old boy in Nevada is sending out a plea to the public after a porch pirate stole his chemotherapy medicine. Gage Haynes, of Las Vegas, has been fighting the same form of cancer, systemic mastocytosis, since he was six months old. “It’s a rare form of cancer and its… Read More »

What happened to the first name in medicine?

I cannot begin to count the number of misspellings that I have witnessed of my first name. The number of “As” and the pronunciation confuse both first-timers and my closest friends. Its spelling on my first elementary school report card set the rhythm for things to come, from high school diplomas to wedding tabletop cards.… Read More »

Medicine and Dentistry: Undoing an Illogical 150-Year Divide

It’s no secret that medicine and dentistry have evolved an unnatural professional separation that is helpful to no one and often causes unnecessary suffering on the part of patients. But we’re in a moment—driven by our greater understanding of the links between medical and dental outcomes—where we can further integrate the two fields to better… Read More »